Glugg Glugg Silicone Drinking Straws

Glugg Glugg Silicone Drinking Straws


Great colours, ideal for children, extra thick, Soft, Adaptable, Biteable & Durable Reusable Standard Size Drinking Straws.

BPA Free Food Grade Silicone Certified by FDA (US) & SGS (European/German) to be Food Grade, Odourless & Free of Lead, Phthalates.

Eco-Friendly alternative to disposable plastic, glass & stainless steel straws.

Drink Hot and Cold Drinks.

Internal Diameter  0.5cm –  21.50cm tall.  Easily Cut to Size for your cocktails glass.

Some of our customers have reported that their loved ones who have sensory sensitivities, such as autism, are very happy to use glugglug standard drinking straws.

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